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15 Cheap And Easy DIY Projects That Make Your Home Look Amazing

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8. Color your bland switch plates

Another part of our home that we touch every day but never think to decorate. Just replacing your old plates with new brighter, whiter ones is a nice change. For the really bold, you can use wallpaper or paint to make switch plates that are totally unique.

9. Add a runner to your stairway

This project is chic and practical, plus there are a few different ways to go about it. This tutorial uses IKEA rugs and a staple gun, but off-the-shelf runners are also easy to install.

You can save even more by grabbing some stencils and adding groovy painted designs to your stairs.

10. Put a kickplate on your door

Not only does this project give your home an old-fashioned look (use brass or copper for best results) but it also protects your door from careless feet and paws.

11. Change your lights

Redecorating a room could be as easy as finding new shades for your lamps, but it's also fairly simple to change boring pot lights and domes for something more interesting.

For a feature that really stands out, try making your own Mason jar lights.

12. Get a hold of your cabinet handles

Another smaller substitute for a big project that saves lots of time and money. Maybe those drab cabinets are keeping your kitchen stuck in the last decade. Instead of swapping them out, switch the handles for something eye-catching.

If you like the effect, the other doors in your home are probably begging for the same treatment.

13. Re-upholster some furniture

This may not sound like a "cheap and easy" project, but repairing and improving a small piece of furniture like a chair, ottoman or headboard is pretty simple. With some leftover fabric, a staple gun and some know-how you can get the job done in a day.

14. Invest in a slipcover

Your sofa takes a lot of abuse from your family, and tucking it into a slipcover is the next best thing to sweeping it under the rug. You can pick these up at pretty much any home store for less than $50, or make your own. A few accent pillows can go a long way too.

15. Try nailhead trim

This vintage decorating style is making a comeback, and you can pick up everything you need for an entire project at the craft store. Start with something like an ottoman, and if you enjoy the style move onto bigger projects like doors, couches or a headboard.

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