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15 Heartfelt Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Saying Anything

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Do you remember having "Show & Tell" at school? Each student would bring an object to school and talk about it in front of the class. The activity was designed to help students improve their communication skills, build better connections with others, and be more creative.

It turns out that the same principle applies to loving others and showing appreciation. It's not enough to say "I love you" to your partner, friend, or family member. You have to show it.  


Everyone gives and receives love in different ways. For example, Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages explores the idea that everyone has a primary way they feel most loved: quality time, gift giving, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service. If you're unsure what your love language is, take our quiz to find out!


Leah W. says her fiancé noticed she always forgot to bring a hair tie wherever she went. "He always sticks [a hair tie] in his pocket for later when I inevitably forget to bring one when we go out," she said.

Catherine L. has a partner who sounds equally as wonderful. She claims "he warms my side of the bed for me before I come to bed."

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