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"Teen Mom" Preview Reveals Crushing News About Fan Favorites

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Teen Mom is all about the drama, so much so that we can often forget that these are real people sharing their lives with the world. All of the no-longer-teens have allowed camera crews (and the entire country) into their homes to show the struggles of being a young parent.

Of course, some of the moms are harder to like. Farrah Abraham has always been controversial, cursing out her parents any chance she gets. Abraham has not stopped with her arrogant ways, and now she makes money as an adult entertainer. She also accused MTV of firing her because of her profession.


The other moms are a little more relatable. Amber Portwood had a rough start, but seems to have balanced out and become a better version of herself. Portwood ran into some trouble with the law, but after her release from prison she's become a more patient and compassionate person. Portwood announced that she is expecting her second child with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.


Maci Bookout-McKinney is the one with the most common sense, as she left her baby daddy Ryan when it became clear that he was not ready for the responsibility. Maci raised her son, Bentley, as a single mom for a while until she met her husband, Taylor McKinney. The pair now shares two children, Maverick and Jayde, as well as having Bentley with them full-time. Just recently, Maci revealed that she and her husband experienced a miscarriage in 2017.


But Catelynn and Tyler are the couple we all root for. At just 16 years old, they made the decision to put up their baby for adoption, knowing they couldn't properly raise her at home. Since then, the couple has gotten married and had another child, Nova. Catelynn has battled with post-partum depression since the birth of Nova, and she went to seek treatment in November.


Now, however, we're learning some crushing news about Catelynn and Tyler that is starting to shed light on some of their issues.

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