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Experts Warn Of The Hidden Dangers Of Sharing Back-To-School Photos

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It's that time of year again: across the country parents are waving goodbye to their kids as they hop on the school bus for another year of learning.

For many families, taking a back-to-school photo at this time of year is an annual tradition, either showing the kids' excited faces or their gloomy expressions as they head back to class. This year, parents have even been poking fun at the trend with some very silly pictures.

But safety experts are warning parents to think before they share these photos, because they could be putting their children at risk. Online safety organization Enough is Enough says parents don't realize how much private information these photos can reveal.

Some parents have been including their child's name, their school, and even the clubs or activities they participate in on social media. Combined with a back-to-school photo, safety experts worry this info could make children targets for predators.

If you do plan on sharing a back-to-school photo this year, make sure to follow some crucial safety tips...

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