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Remember This Face: Spot This Man At The Airport And Win A Free First Class Flight

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Planning a vacation anytime soon? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, because there are big prizes if you can spot Gilbert Ott.

Ott is a travel blogger who runs the site God Save the Points, where he offers tips to save money on your next holiday. It turns out by tracking sales and buying cheap points you can fly first class for almost nothing.

All this AND a free bag of peanuts.God Save The Points

And Ott is living proof: he's crisscrossed the globe traveling to all the destinations that are on our bucket list, usually enjoying gourmet food and luxury seats along the way.

Now, he's offering you a chance to do the same. Ott's "Catch Me if You Can" contest is both very simple and really challenging: if you can find him at any airport around the world and recognize him, he'll trade his seat so you can fly in style while he sits in economy.

You don't need to rush to the airport, because the contest is open until the end of this year and Ott has lots of traveling planned between now and then.

Find out some of Ott's destinations on the next page!

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