10 Jimmy Kimmel Moments That Prove He's The Funniest Man On Late Night TV


10 Jimmy Kimmel Moments That Prove He's The Funniest Man On Late Night TV

Jimmy Kimmel is a standout when it comes to late night television. His show is viewed nightly by a massive audience, and you never know what you are going to get when you turn on your television. Though he has shared his fair share of serious moments on his show, specifically through his monologues, we are going to focus on the times his show made us laugh until we cried.

Here are the 10 funniest moments from Jimmy Kimmel.

1. Eating your kid's Halloween candy.

In honor of the Halloween that recently passed, let's look at one of Kimmel's long-standing gags that has taken on a form of its own. Every year he encourages parents to tell their kids that they ate their candy (as a joke of course), and to videotape their reactions. Needless to say, they are priceless.

2. Mean Tweets

Twitter is such a strange place. It has often become a place for faceless people to make comments on people that they just don't seem to like all that much. Kimmel started having celebrities from all industries read mean Tweets that "fans" had written about them. It is absolutely spectacular.

3. Jimmy vs. Ellen in a "nice off'

Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres are considered two of the nicer people in Hollywood, but Jimmy should have known better than to try and "out-nice" her. She put him back in his place right quick.

4. Kimmel and Krasinski's Christmas prank war.

Do you have that one friend that you find yourself in a prank war with? If you do you can understand what these two put each other through. The only difference is, these two have the resources to take it to a whole other level.

5. The Friends Reunion

Who hasn't been dying for this reunion to really happen. The 90s icons have yet to put anything realistic together. That being said, Jimmy decided to help out the masses by putting on his own version. They went big time on this little skit.

6. Kimmel's feud with Matt Damon

It has long been established that Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have a "feud" that has been going on for quite some time. You never really know when it is going to pop up, but when it does it is always entertaining.

7. Worst twerk fail ever

This video went viral, but afterwards it was announced that the video had actually been a prank. The video was posted to YouTube, and they "let the magic happen."  

8. Kimmel asks kids

Kids are known to say some of the most truthful things under the right circumstances. Jimmy sometimes sends out his crew to ask random kids wandering around the streets of LA some hilarious questions, and the answers are even better.

9. Rihanna pranks Jimmy

Kimmel is well known for pranking other people, but what happens when the tables are turned on him. Rihanna, with the help of Jimmy's wife, made sure that he got his just deserts with this one.

10. "Lie witness news - Coachella 2013

Jimmy sent a reporter out to Coachella in 2013 to ask fans about some of the "bands" that were playing there during the festival. But in this case, the bands were completely made up, yet people still managed to have opinions on this fictional musical acts.

What is your favorite Jimmy Kimmel moment?