Kelly Clarkson Gave Her Daughter Nutella And Then She Was Accused Of Child Abuse

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It seems that no matter what moms do for their kids, it's somehow the wrong thing.

Multiply this by 50, and you'll understand the scrutiny that celebrity moms face on a daily basis.

Take, for example, Kelly Clarkson.

The original American Idol winner and three time Grammy winner is not one to shy away from posting about her family on social media. Recently Clarkson posted a video of her eldest daughter, River Rose, trying Nutella for the very first time.

Remember the first time you had Nutella? It was a life-changing experience for many.

“River, do you like Nutella?” asks Clarkson. River obviously does, as she does a little happy dance in her seat.

But that's when the mom-shamers came in. Some even called giving River 'child abuse.'

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