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10 Bizarre Things People Have Tried To Smuggle Past Airport Security

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If you've flown recently you know how stressful it can be to pass through airport security. But just imagine if you had one of these strange items hiding in your bag:

1. Cobras

A man from California is facing 20 years in prison for his slippery scheme to sneak snakes into California. The man had stuffed the reptiles inside potato chip cans, and police found more illegal reptiles at his home. He was also smuggling albino turtles in the cans, so you could call this a "bulk pack" with different varieties mixed together.

2. A cast made of cocaine

Drug smugglers try and beat airport security every day, but a 66-year-old man from Chile came closer than most by disguising his actually injured leg with a kilo of molded drugs. What gave him away? His suitcase also contained cocaine. Don't push your luck pal!

3. Ancient artifacts

In one of this year's strangest news stories, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the owners of the craft store chain Hobby Lobby had been shipping stolen relics back to America, including ancient clay tablets labeled as "tile samples." The company was fined $3 million for buying the pilfered pottery. Oops!

4. Tropical fish

We know what you want to ask: there's barely any legroom on a plane, so where would you fit an aquarium? A woman traveling to Australia actually stashed 51 bagged tropical fish into a special apron under her skirt. Security officers realized she was hiding something when they heard "strange noises" coming from her waist.


5. Crocodile

Forget tried, a man from the Democratic Republic of Congo actually managed to sneak a crocodile onto his plane, where it got out of its bag and caused a panic. The plane actually crashed, killing 21 people on board but not the crocodile.

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