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10 Famous People Who Vanished Without A Trace

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When a whole country knows who you are, how can you just vanish off the face of the earth? That's the mystery these 10 famous disappearances pose:

1. Glenn Miller

In the "Big Band" era Miller was a triple threat: he was a composer and band leader, a talented trombone player, and even an actor. His band, the Glen Miller Orchestra, had a string of #1 hits in the '30s and '40s, including "Chattanooga Choo Choo."

But like other celebrities, Miller felt the call to serve his country when America joined World War 2. As an Air Force recruit, Miller held concerts for service members, and he was on his way to a gig in 1944 when his plane vanished over the English channel. No sign of the plane or the 3 people on board was ever found.

2. Dorothy Arnold

A young and wealthy socialite, Arnold was one of the most recognizable people in New York, but that didn't stop her from vanishing without a trace in broad daylight on December 12, 1910. Arnold walked along Fifth Avenue, stopping to chat with friends along the way, before turning into Central Park.

Arnold's body was never found (despite a very thorough search) but police later uncovered she was pregnant when she disappeared. Most theories say that she was murdered by her lover to cover up their premarital affair.

3. Jean Spangler

This young actress was on the verge of her big break in Hollywood when she went missing on the way to see her ex-husband. Police quickly realized he wasn't the culprit, then discovered Spangler's purse with a mysterious note inside.

It read: "Kirk, Can't wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away." Many believe that the Kirk in her note is Hollywood star Kirk Douglas, who had co-starred with Spangler in a recent movie. Sadly, Spangler was never seen again.

4. Heinrich Muller

Muller was more infamous than famous, but he was definitely very well-known. He rose through the ranks of the Gestapo, Nazi Germany's secret police, and had a hand in their invasion of Poland and the Holocaust.

But when it was time for Muller and other high-ranking Nazis to face the music, he was nowhere to be found. Muller was last seen in May, 1945, and while many say he died the CIA searched for him in South America. Maybe Muller spent the rest of his life there under an assumed identity.

But Muller wasn't the only person to mysteriously disappear...

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