10 Food Packaging Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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10 Food Packaging Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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When it comes to what we buy when we shop for groceries, sellers know that more than half the sale comes from good design and clever marketing.

Nowadays, we have so much to choose from that it can be nearly impossible to get a consumer's attention - let alone convince them to buy the product.

Successful brands have a loyal following because we instantly recognize the colors of the boxes, we remember the commercial's jingle or the prices are just right for our budgets. Most of us have a favorite brand of chicken fingers or pasta sauce - their labels are unforgettable.

While most of these products miss the mark, what they lack in style they make up for in hilarity:

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Have you ever picked up a package of food and had to do a double-take? Sometimes things get lost in translation, but these manufacturers sure did make a mess of these labels!

It's hard to imagine what they could have been thinking when they made the packaging. While you probably wouldn't be interested in eating what's inside, they're still worth a laugh!