10 Life Lessons That We Learned By Watching And Reading Winnie The Pooh

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Winnie the Pooh is more than just a cuddly stuffed bear, whose shenanigans have entertained kids for decades. Whether you read the stories, or watched the shows and movies, you have definitely had Winnie the Pooh as part of your life at least once.  

Not only were the characters and stories entertaining on the surface, but the deeper meanings behind many of the lighthearted interactions often shone through for kids as they grew up.

1. When you want something, you can go out and work for it.

Nothing in this life will ever just be handed to you. If there is something that you want, sometimes you just have to go out and get it. That means hard work, and making sure that you keep your "eyes on the prize."


2. It's important to find the "silver linings" in all things.

Even when something bad or unexpected happens, it's important to look at it from every angle. If something doesn't work out exactly like you planned, there is usually a "silver lining" in there somewhere that you can learn and grow from.

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3. You should always cherish the people who share your life.

You never really know what you have until it's gone, and that goes doubly for the people that you choose to keep in your life. Those friends and family that you may take for granted won't always be there. So while they are, you should cherish those relationships and put in the work to make sure they succeed.

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4. Don't worry about the past or future, live in the present.

The past is the past, it can't be changed, and the future is impossible to fully control. What you do have control over is what you are doing with the present, so start living. Sure there comes a point where you have to plan for the future, but hey, plans can change.


5. Using your imagination is an important part of life.

Human beings have gotten to where we are by using our imaginations. Imagine if Einstein or Da Vinci had decided that creativity and make-believe were useless exercises, we wouldn't be the societal culture that we are today. It's okay to pretend and use our God given minds.

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It's important to look at the forest through the trees.

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