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10 Little Animals That Are Obviously The Big Boss (Video)

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** Warning:  language used might offend some readers **

There was always that one kid in school. You know the one: small, loud and bossy.

If you have ever had to deal with an assertive little someone you know the best course of action is just do what they say and get out of the way!

These little animals have taken advantage of their bigger buddies and either hitched a ride or stolen the coziest spot.

What they say about gentle giants is certainly true, in these cases, their bigger buddies don't seem to mind being bossed around by these little creatures...

Scroll down for the bonus video of domineering cats who refuse to let their dog friends pass!






There's no question who's the boss here!

Turn to the next page to see what happens when this cat notices the cone of shame on her dog friend...

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