10 Older Hollywood Stars That We Used To Drool Over


10 Older Hollywood Stars That We Used To Drool Over

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For as long as there has been Hollywood, there have been Hollywood heart throbs. The generations all have their own; from Rock Hudson and James Dean, to John Travolta and Mel Gibson. Let's take a look back at some of the hunks of Hollywood through the years.

1. Richard Gere


Richard Gere caught his first big break in 1980 when he starred in the box-office hit, American Gigolo. Women loved him and he became a sex symbol for the 80s. Most of the younger generation will remember him from his role alongside Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

2. Sir Ian McKellen


Before he was Magneto (X-Men) or Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) he was a classically-trained theater actor who had women (and even some men) turning their heads when he walked by them in public. Age has caught up to the icon, but once he was the "day dream" of women everywhere.  

3. John Travolta


The times, they have changed. But once upon a time John Travolta was the king of Hollywood. Every woman wanted him, and every man wanted to be him. Grease and Saturday Night Fever put this star on the map, and his poster up on walls across the country.

4. Mel Gibson


What happened to Mel Gibson? At one point he was the envy of every man in the world, and the desire of most women, but the years haven't been good to him. Gibson has become somewhat irrelevant over the last 5-10 years, but at one point he set the bar on Hollywood sex-appeal.

5. Sir Sean Connery


The original James Bond, enough said. Connery has retired from acting now, but at the time of Dr. No, he made the secret-agent sexy. Little did most people know, Connery was already going bald during his original appearance as 007, he wore a toupee during all of his Bond films.

6. Rock Hudson

With a name like Rock Hudson, what else would you expect. At 6'4", roughly 230 pounds, the term "beefcake" (or man-meat) was actually coined in his honor. The former WW2 vet was a major player in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


7. Marlon Brando

For my generation, Marlon Brando is synonymous with the Italian Mafia. His role as Vito Corleone in The Godfather was an epic performance that made people afraid of him personally. But before that he was a Hollywood sex-symbol. His performance in A Street Car Named Desire earned him his iconic Hollywood status.  


8. James Dean

James Dean died just as he lived, in the fast-lane. Taken far too young at the age of 24, James Dean was one of the original Hollywood "bad boys", performing his own stunts and driving his prized car Little Bastard with reckless abandon. He had the ladies interested the entirety of his short, yet successful career.


9. Cary Grant

Grant was a British-born actor who got his start in Hollywood during the 1930s. He was one of the original "leading men" who was not only a talented actor, but was also quite easy on the eyes. He starred in several Alfred Hitchcock movies after befriending the director. Grant was married five times.

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10. Charlton Heston

It's gone a little downhill for Charlton Heston in recent decades, but at one point he was at the pinnacle of Hollywood royalty. With over 100 film credits to his name, he is most famous for playing Moses in The Ten Commandments, and for his iconic role in the original Planet of the Apes movie.

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