10 Traits You Have And We Know Exactly Where You Got Them From


10 Traits You Have And We Know Exactly Where You Got Them From

When you have a baby on the way, the "what ifs" and "I wonder what" swirl through your head until the day they enter the world. I wonder what my baby's eye color will be? What if he has my mom's nose? What kind of sleeper will she be?

The questions are endless as we muse about what our children will be like when we can hold them and watch them grow up right before our eyes.

Well, there are some hints about your baby's DNA that we can tell from traits you and your partner have. So just for fun, let's see how many of these theories line up:

Dad: Eye Color

When it comes to eye color, there are genes that are dominant and recessive. Darker colored eyes, like brown are more dominant over lighter colored eyes like blue, which are recessive. Typically, your baby's eyes will likely be the dominant color of either parent. Eye color runs on a spectrum, with eyes having hints of varying colors. Take a good look at dad's eyes, because they could be what your baby's eyes look like.

Mom: Left Handedness

Being left-handed used to be a big deal, but it's no longer a rare abnormality. Passing left-handedness through genes is quite complicated. If baby's dad is left-handed it raises the chance of having a left-handed baby by a little. If mom is also left-handed it raises the chances more significantly. Both my parents are left handed and neither my sister or are, so I don't know how much this rings true.

Dad: Height

How tall will your little one be when they grow up? Well it's all in the genes of both parents. However, daddy's height does play a big role in this. Depending on how tall dad is, baby will likely follow suit. If dad is tall, his children will be tall, maybe not as tall as him if mom is short, but they may be almost the same height. If daddy is short, there's a good chance baby will be short too.


Mom: Hair Color and Type

Every parent wonders what their baby's hair will look like. Will they come out dark and full or fair and blonde? Much like eye color, hair also plays in the category of dominant and recessive genes. Darker hair is more dominant, so if mom has deep thick locks you can expect baby to as well. The texture of baby's hair also favors mom's side of the gene pool. Baby will likely have the same straight or curl texture that their mother does.


Dad: Fingerprint Pattern

No two people have the same fingerprints, that's why they're such a great identifier. So as odd as it may seem, there is a genetic component when it comes to fingerprint patterns.

If you look at baby's fingerprints and compare them to dad's you will notice they are quite similar. You may notice similar swirls or ridges in both dad and child's fingerprints.

Mom: How The Baby Sleeps

One of the hardest thing about being a parent is sleeping- or lack there of. Parents are constantly questing over ways to improve their little one's sleep, but would you believe that sleep starts in the genes? Sleep patterns, whether they're good or bad, are actually inherited.

Sleeping habits tend to side with mom's genetics over dad. When mom gets to take a quick nap, baby will also nap with her. These quick naps together may end up providing baby with with sleep gene. If mom suffers from insomnia or tosses and turns at night, baby can also take over these sleeping habits.

Dad: Lips

Is your baby going to have a pout that will make you want to curl up inside? When it comes to lip size and structure, it's daddy's genes that make a difference with this trait.

If dad has full lips those tend to be dominant in the gene pool. you can be sure that your little one will have those plump lips that everyone will be eyeing!

Mom: Body Shape

Does your mom have a pear-shaped body or is it more like an apple-shape? Research is still emerging, but we know that bone structure, frame size and muscle mass is all inherited. Also 80 percent of body fat is regulated by your DNA, so take a hard look at your parents because you will know more about what your future has in store.

Dad: Smarts

Do you have a smarty pants on your hands? Experts believe that there is actually a group of genes responsible for high intelligence. This genius-gene tends to be passed from daddy, so you may have a smart cookie on your hand if dad has the smarts himself. Also, the closer related someone is to a smart person, the more likely their IQ will be higher.

Mom: Temperament

Does mom have a hot temper? Or maybe she is calm and often rational?  A baby's temperament is afftected by both environment as well as DNA makeup. New studies have shown that genetics play a larger role in determining how we handle certain situations.

How many of these rang true for your little one? Share in the comments.

Source: Babygaga / How Stuff Works