10 Of The Unhealthiest Frozen Dinners On The Market Today


10 Of The Unhealthiest Frozen Dinners On The Market Today

They're super convenient, and we know they're not really healthy, but  frozen meals are perfect in a pinch.

Sometimes it can be too convenient to reach into the shelves at the frozen food section and bring home a stack of ready made dinners for the week. But how often do we really read the labels on our frozen spaghetti or pot pies?

Scroll through the list of the unhealthiest frozen meals you can buy and be sure that none of them are lurking in your freezer. Whether it's got a massive calorie count or a skyrocketing sodium number, be careful about what you purchase!

1. Marie Callender's Cheesy Chicken & Bacon Pot Pie

One whole pot pie: 1040 calories!

2. Stouffer's Fettuccini Alfredo

840 milligrams of sodium!

3.  Banquet, Extra Helping Salisbury Steak Dinner

Your entire daily allowance of sodium in one box: 2,363 milligrams!

4. Boston Market Buffalo-Style Chicken Strips with Macaroni and Cheese

Suuuper salty: 1,500 milligrams and 680 calories - whoo boy!

5. Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl: Pancakes & Sausage Links with Syrup

A breakfast of 710 calories, 34 grams of fat and a whopping 1,000 miligrams of sodium - guess you're eating carrots for dinner.

6. Don Miguel El Charrito Grande Beef Enchiladas

2,100 milligrams of sodium and 740 calories coated with 'cheddar cheese' made of sodium aluminum phosphate and cellulose powder - yummie!

7. DiGiorno Small Size, Supreme Traditional Crust Pizza

770 glorious calories complete with 32 grams of fat and about 1,330 milligrams of sodium. It serves two, but who are they kidding.

8. El Monterey Spicy Red Hot Beef & Bean Chimichangas XX Large

According to CalorieKing.com, you'd have to walk 219 minutes to burn off one chimichanga. These bad boys have 790 calories, 43 grams of fat and 790 milligrams.

9. Hungry Man Sports Grill (Swanson) Popcorn Fish and Chips

An insane sodium count in this one: 2,640 milligrams, plus 880 calories coated in cheese sauce.

10. Hungry Man (Swanson) Classic Fried Chicken

You had to know that frozen fried chicken wasn't exactly a healthy choice. Packed with 2,869 milligrams of sodium, it's a heart attack waiting to happen.

If you eat these frozen meals regularly, you might want to reconsider how often you do! A high sodium diet can contribute to health complications like heart disease and diabetes.

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