7 Ways To Spend More Time With Your Significant Other This Year

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Statistically speaking, January 8th is the day when divorces happen rampantly. There is something about the post-holiday season that makes this particular day so popular for the dissolution of marriages, and relationships in general. If you have made it past yesterday you're not quite in the clear, but at least you know that you are doing something right.

It's hard being a couple, especially when there are other aspects of your lives at play, like being a parent. Some couples spend so much time being moms and dads that they forget that they are also someone's significant other, and that is something worth remembering. If you don't work on your relationship, it is bound to fail eventually. So it's time to work on it, and here are 7 things you can do to spend more time alone together.

1. Take a vacation.

Sometimes it's as simple as just getting away from your day to day lives, and going on a vacation together is a great way to spend some more alone time as a couple. Some couples use the vacation idea as a means to "save" their marriage or relationship, but you can't just go because of that. It doesn't have to be a week long tropical stay, or a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, it could be as simple as taking off for the weekend to another city or a small bed and breakfast.

2. Schedule a date night.

For a lot of parents, they can't remember the last time they actually had the chance to get out and have a date together. So much is involved with making sure the kids are watched, that you have made the time, and nothing else is going on. But if you were to schedule the ability to go on a date once a month together it will do wonders for your long-term relationship.

3. Don't forget physical intimacy.

It sounds cliche, but when you are in a long-term, comfortable relationship, your sex life can suffer which can do significant damage to your relationship. Each partner in a marriage or any other form of relationship needs to feel wanted, and there is no other activity that is as intimate between two people as laying together.

4. Eat together.

It doesn't have to be a date out on the town, but the simple act of sitting down together to eat meals is one of the best ways to continue building strong bonds. It is a scientific fact that families or couples that eat together have a much better chance of staying together because of the simple act of consuming food communally.

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