10 Weird Facts About Butterflies You Didn't Know

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10 Weird Facts About Butterflies You Didn't Know

Of all insects, butterflies are the most beautiful and the least pesky. They don't bite and they add beauty and color to the outdoors. Plus, what other creature gets to transform from a fat caterpillar to a delicate-winged insect?

Butterflies aren't just pretty to look at. There are a lot of cool things about them I bet you didn't know! Check it out:

1. A group of butterflies is called a "flutter."


2. Butterflies taste with their feet.

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3. After it emerges from its cocoon, a butterfly's first meal is its own eggshell.

Institute for Creation Research

4. Butterflies don't poop - they use everything they eat as energy.

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5. Every butterfly actually has transparent wings. Any pattern or color you see is a reflection of tiny scales covering the wings.

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6. Caterpillars are so loud when they eat, you might be able to hear them munching if there are many in one place.

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7. Whoa there! The Skipper butterfly can fly faster than a horse can gallop.

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8. Groups of butterflies that feed on minerals from wet soil are called "puddle clubs."


9. The bright colors on a butterfly's wings deter predators because many brightly-colored species have toxic chemicals in their bodies.

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10. The largest butterfly in the world is the Queen Alexandra in Papua New Guinea, and they can have a wing-span of up to 10 inches.

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Did you know any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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