11 Celebrities Who Are Banned From Other Countries


11 Celebrities Who Are Banned From Other Countries


When you're a celebrity, you're on the move a lot more than the average person. Between film premieres, concerts, business meetings and vacations, our favorite stars spend a lot of time overseas. The nature of their job makes it easy for them to enter other countries, but it can also lead to them being barred.

Regardless of their fame, some countries have strict rules that do not accommodate ignorance, criminals, or certain political views.

Here are 11 celebrities whose actions have gotten them banned from other countries:

1. Martha Stewart


Due to her 2004 felony charges for conspiracy and obstruction of an agency proceeding, lifestyle queen Martha Stewart was banned from the U.K in 2008. News about the decision broke after she was denied a visa.

2. Alec Baldwin

Rebel Circus

During an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman in 2009, the 30 Rock actor jokingly said that he was considering getting a mail-order bride from the Philippines, and it had some severe repercussions.

The Philippines Immigration Commissioner at that time, Marcelino Libanan, released a statement saying that Baldwin is on the bureau's blacklist and he "is forbidden from entering the country as he is deemed an undesirable alien."

3. The Beatles

Icy Tales

Way before Baldwin got himself in trouble with the Philippines government, The Beatles found themselves on the wrong side of the president and his people. While visiting the country in 1966, the band turned down an invitation to the head of state's palace, which caused quite the uproar. They were mobbed on the way to the airport and they never returned.  

4. Richard Gere

The Jerusalem Post

The actor's alliance with Tibet and his public criticism of the Chinese government, especially at the 1993 Academy Awards ceremony, got him permanently barred from entering China. In his speech he asked Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping to "take his troops and take the Chinese away from Tibet and allow these people to live as free, independent people again."

The actor recently revealed that not only is he banned from the Asian nation, he cannot act in mainstream Hollywood movies because they're often funded by China.

5. Martin Scorsese

Peter Owen Publishers

Just like Gere, renowned director Martin Scorsese is also not allowed to set foot in China. His 1997 film, Kundun, about the 14th reincarnation of Buddha of Compassion (Dalai Lama), didn't sit well with the Chinese government, so they banned him.

Other celebrities banned from China include Jon Bon Jovi, Bjork and Brad Pitt.

6. Miley Cyrus


The singer got herself in hot water when a photo in which she's slanting her eyes surfaced a few years ago. The image was taken in the Dominican Republic and as a result, she was banned from the country in 2014.

According to a statement from the government, Cyrus' act "go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law."

7. Paris Hilton


The reality star and heiress to the Hilton fortune was banned from entering Japan because of the drug charges against her.

8. Sasha Baron Cohen


The Borat actor's inaccurate and offensive portrayal of Kazakhstan in his films forced the government to ban him for a while.

9. Selena Gomez


The former Disney star was denied entry into Russia because of her political views and stance on gay rights.

10. Mike Tyson


The retired boxer was convicted of rape in 1992 and it was grounds for his refusal of entry into New Zealand according to The Guardian.

11. Robert Downery Jr.

Schmoes Know

The actor found out he wasn't welcome in Japan when he tried to attend the premiere of one of his Iron Man movies. Japanese authorities detained Downey Jr. at one of the country's airports for six hours because he didn't mention his previous convictions. He was eventually allowed to attend the premiere on the grounds that he would never return to the country again.

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