11 Cute Animals You've Probably Never Heard Of

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11 Cute Animals You've Probably Never Heard Of

Scientists guess that there are around 8.5 million species of animals on this planet. If you subtract all the scary, giant, creepy, slimy and weird ones, you're left with maybe a million animals that are totally adorable.

So how come we only look at pictures of cats and dogs all the time? You may not have heard about the binturong, but some of the rarest and most unknown animals are the most photogenic.

We've made a list of 11 species that deserve to be more well-known for their cute smiles and fuzzy faces. Don't blame us if you want to adopt a jerboa after reading this!

1. Angora Rabbits


Who knew there was an even cuter, fluffier species of rabbit out there? Their fur is softer than cashmere, which made them a favorite pet for European royalty.

2. Axolotl

Tina Stroobrandt

Nicknamed the "walking fish," this little amphibian is famous for its ability to regrow lost limbs. They're almost extinct now, so enjoy their cute little smiles while you can.

3. Agouti

Fact Zoo

These little squirrel-sized deer love to party. It's not uncommon for them to eat in huge groups of 100 agoutis or more.

4. Golden Brushtail Possum

Featured Creature

It's not fair, how come American possums look like tiny, trash-eating monsters while Australians get cuddly stuffed toys. These rascally critters are known to break into people's kitchens to steal food.

5. Loris

Ethics Alarms

Native to Sri Lanka, these sad-eyed animals release toxins through a patch of skin on their elbow, which is pretty unique.

6. Blue Parrotfish

Planet Save

The one fish that's always happy to see you. It's incredible that they've made two Finding Nemo movies and this cheery guy hasn't made an appearance in either of them.

7. Binturong

Animals Adda

Lazy and shy, these "bearcats" roam the jungles at night looking for bugs to eat. They famously smell like popcorn and love to snack on marshmallows, so they're the perfect animal for snack lovers.

8. Momonga

Telegraph UK

On the tiny island of Hokkaido in northern Japan, flying squirrels evolved for adorableness instead of aerodynamics. It may seem incredible but these little fuzzballs really can glide from tree to tree.

9. Raccoon Dog

Holidog Times

Is it a raccoon, or is it a dog? Well it's kind of both, but not really either. Hopefully that clears things up!

10. Pangolin


Related to anteaters, these scaly creatures come in a small, cute size and giant size that can reach 4 feet tall. They both rub their hands together a lot, like they're about to admit they broke your lamp.

11. Jerboa


Pretty much everything about this rodent is surprising: they have huge ears, skinny kangaroo legs, they can run 24 kilometers and hour and they mostly eat bugs - seeds are too tough for them to munch on.

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