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11 Dogs With Their Birthday Cakes Will Make You Happy-Cry

We love our canine friends so much, that we like to give them birthday parties with real cake and loads of treats. They deserve it after being so loyal and adorable. At least, that's what these dog lovers thought. That's why they made sure their furry friends would have the best day ever.

Check out these adorable pups and how they react to being the birthday star:

1. When your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Reddit/Tasty House

2. This pup couldn't be more pleased with his meat cake covered in dog treats.

We Are Not Foodies

3. He just can't wait for his mom to cut the cake.


4. These look-a-like cupcakes are adorable.


5. The corgi has his eye on the prize.

Something Short and Snappy

6. This pug is laughing in delight.

The Wondrous

7. Can I eat it now?

The Wondrous

8. I'm spoiled and I know it.

The Wondrous

9. This curious dog has never seen his food on fire before.

We Rule the Internet

10. Omg...the cuteness.

We Rule the Internet

11. Are they both for me??

We Rule the Internet

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