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11 Everyday Objects With Secret Uses You Don't Know About

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It turns out that there are lots of secrets in this world just hiding in plain sight. Unless you know what to look for, or who to ask, there's not way you could discover this stuff on your own.

For example, if you've ever wondered why prince William and prince Harry have a different last name than their parents, we can explain why.

On the other hand, some things just defy explanation.

7. Gas Tank Arrow

This is such a small detail almost everyone overlooks it, but the tiny arrow on your gas tank meter says which side your tank is on. How convenient!

8. The "57" On Your Glass Heinz Bottle

This isn't just for decoration. If your ketchup is sticking in the bottle, turn it over and slap the 57 logo to make it slide own easily.

9. Chinese Takeout Containers

These are already really handy for bringing your food home, but they also fold into plates in case you don't have any. Then, you can turn it back into a container and pop it in the fridge.

10. Tic Tac Lids

Have you ever wanted to eat just one Tic Tac? Me either, but if the mood ever strikes you the lid on your pack of mints will actually dispense them one at a time.

11. Pasta Spoon Hole

How much pasta is enough for one person? Easy, just see how much will fit through the hole in your pasta spoon.

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