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11 Surprising Hot Flash Triggers That You'll Want To Know

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One of the unfortunate realities of being a woman is that we don't only go through painful fertility cycles every month, but we must also endure the torturous discomfort of menopause at the end of our fertile years.

One of the most dreaded aspects of menopause are hot-flashes. It starts off as a prickling of hairs on our skin and bursts into a roaring flush across our faces and ends with teaming rivers of sweat.

We know how they feel, but do you know how they are triggered? Find out below!

Trigger: Red Wine

Why it's a trigger: alcoholic beverages cause our blood vessels to dilate, which makes us feel warmer. When your skin flushes from the heating effect of a glass of red wine, it could trigger a full-blown hot flash.

How to fix it: Unfortunately, you might want to avoid wine - at least until you're on the other side of menopause. Instead, try a non-alcoholic variety of fruity iced wines.

Trigger: Spicy Foods

Why it's a trigger: Just like wine, plenty of spicy foods contain vasodilators that cause our blood vessels to expand, heating us up.

How to fix it: You'll want to avoid cayenne and chili powders as well as jalapenos, serranoes and habanero peppers. Basically, anything that tastes hot in your mouth could trigger a hot flash.

Unfortunately, some of our favorite things can trigger a hot flash...

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