12 Adorable Sleeping Baby Animals To Help Boost Your Productivity

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12 Adorable Sleeping Baby Animals To Help Boost Your Productivity

Just like humans, animals also get tired (it's hard being adorable all day long) and have a need for rest and sleep. Some animals like cats sleep for an average of 15 hours a day while rats are known to snooze for up to 20 hours.

But, unlike many of us who drool and snore while we slumber, some animals are actually even cuter when they're sleeping.

As a matter of fact, their cuteness can actually increase your productivity.A study in Japan found that those who are exposed to pictures of adorable baby animals experience a boost in productivity in comparison to those who looked at images of adult animals and food.

So do yourself a favour and take a short break to look at these 12 images of incredibly cute sleeping baby animals. Not only will they put you in a better mood, they will also help you get through all your tasks for today with the best focus.

1. Puppies


2. Kitten


3. Rat

RatJessica Florence

4. Chimpanzee


5. Lion

Lion Cub

6. Bunny


7. Giraffe


8. Hedgehog


9. Wolf


10. Turtle


11. Owl


12. Sea Lion

Sea Lion

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