12 Dads Who are Basically Superheroes

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12 Dads Who are Basically Superheroes

Mom is the one we go to if we want to tattle-tale or need validation, but nothing can replace a father's humor and creativity. Whether it means wearing superhero costumes in public, painting his little girl's nails, or teaching important life skills, some dads have it all figured out. Here are 12 dads caught in the act of being awesome.

1. The Dad who teaches proper form early

2. And this guy who gets his baby son to flex his muscles

3. When your daughter wants to have a tea party with you, you have a tea party

4. This is how a little girl needs to be treated

5. This clever papa who used a power drill to rock his baby to sleep. Probably an engineer...

6. The definition of a superhero: A dad who wears a cape to Home Depot

7. Too adorable for words

8. Hats off to this Dad who let his daughter paint his nails

9. How every girl should learn to dance #BeautyAndTheBeast

10. This dad who let his baby girl play hairdresser

11. It's never too early to teach your son how to change a tire

12. This Dad WINS IT ALL with these Halo costumes

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