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12 Things Every Coffee Drinker Can Do With Their Empty Coffee Cans

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Any traditional coffee drinker knows that when you routinely make a pot of coffee at home, you end up collecting a large number of empty coffee cans and containers. No matter how many times we scoop out the last of the grounds out of a can, we always end up just storing the empty can away, never having any plan of what to do with it afterwards. Most of the time we just look weird when garbage day comes around, our recycling bins top heavy in Folgers or Maxwell House cans.

But we will horde these cans no longer, as there are any number of ways that they can be recycled into something useful. Here are 12 fun things that you do with your empty cans and containers.

1. Counter top compost

By making a few simple alterations to these cans you can create a quick and easy compost bin for your counter top. The great thing about this is that they are easily cleaned, and if it ever becomes to much of a hassle, you can junk the old one and start fresh.  


2. Plastic bag dispenser

If you're not someone who uses the reusable grocery bags, you probably end up like me, hoarding far too many plastic bags underneath your kitchen sink. It ends up looking cluttered and out of control. Cut a slot in the lid of a coffee can, pack the can full of bags and you have a handy and organized bag dispenser.  

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3. Custom lanterns

You're going to need to use the aluminum cans for this one in order to get the best results. Punch holes into the can (either in a pattern or randomly), light up a candle, and toss it in the can. Voila, your own awesome lanterns.

4. Wine rack

I don't know if there is any correlation, but it might be safe to assume that those who drink a ton of coffee in the morning, might also drink a fair bit of wine in the evening. Why not combine those two things and make an epic wine rack for your home (or office?) Again you are going to need the aluminum cans for this.

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5. Making your own ice cream

Yup, you read that correctly, you can make your own ice cream using a coffee can. It might be something fun to try with the kids on a dreary weekend.

6. Storing your bath time stuff

If you have kids this one is for you. Bath time can be utter chaos with children, bring a semblance of order to the experience with this awesome DIY holder for your bathroom.

There is no end to the creativity you can bring to recycling these cans and containers.

7. Storing your dry goods

If you're anything like me, your pantry cupboards can get a little out of control with half empty packages cluttering up way to much space. Turn your coffee containers into dry goods storage to clean up those food stores.


8. Arts and crafts

The only limit here is that of your creativity. Coffee cans can be a great medium for creating something fun and unique, maybe a decorative vase for someone special?

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9. Piggy Banks

This one is a great idea for your kids. They can customize their own piggy banks to suit their own personalities. On the plus side, you don't need to smash the thing to pieces in order to get at the money inside.

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10. Plunger and toilet brush holder

I am going home to make a set of these today. Nothing is more annoying then trying to keep your plunger and toilet brush out of the way and out of sight. For sanitary purposes, this ensures you have secured the tools once your are done using them.

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11. Mail organizers

Again, I think this situation has been known to plague everyone from time to time, especially in a workplace setting. Using coffee cans to separate your mail into categories will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

12. Biscuit and cookie cutters

I would recommend using the smaller coffee cans for this. Otherwise you're going to end up with some massive biscuits and cookies. The can is a perfect circle, making your biscuits look fantastic.

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