12 Years Later The Girl In This Famous Photo Reunited With Her Hero

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12 Years Later The Girl In This Famous Photo Reunited With Her Hero

In the days after hurricane Katrina you probably saw LaShay Brown and Major Sergeant Mike Maroney a lot. The now-famous photo of their hug after Maroney repelled from a helicopter to rescue Brown's family was on magazine covers and TV screens across America.

The photograph became an iconic image of the disaster, and Maroney carried it with him during his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Air Force. While living with PTSD after his service was over, the photo was a source of comfort for Maroney, and he set out to find Brown and reunite with her.

After years of searching online, producers for a the TV show The Real were finally able to track her down and reunited these two after 10 years apart.

It was an incredible moment for Brown, who was just 3-years-old when she was rescued, to be able to thank her hero in person.

Since that day the two have stayed close. Maroney calls brown once a week to check up on her, and visits her family in Mississippi whenever he can. He even taught Brown how to swim.

He set a good example for Brown, encouraging her to join the Junior Reserve Army Training Core (JROTC). This month, 12 years after fate brought them together, Brown has invited Maroney to her JROTC dance.


The event will be a great ending to Maroney's long career in the Air Force. He's retiring later this month because of an injury, but hopes to keep inspiring young people to serve their country.

With his years of experience acting as a great role model for Brown, it's something he's sure to be good at!

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