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13 Of The Cutest Baby Animals That Were Born This Year

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This year has seen a lot of drama happening in the news, so here's a list of wonderful reasons to remember how excited these animals are to just be happy and alive!

Painted Dogs

These pups born back in April have had lots of chances to roam around their new home at Perth Zoo!


Here a Sumatran and Bengal tiger meet for the first time in San Diego, they seem like they get along!


Fiona the Hippo captured hearts and headlines when she was born earlier this year. Here she is getting a dental check, open wide!


These otter triplets were welcomed into the world by Santa Barbara Zoo, and will spend the next few weeks snuggling with their parents until they are old enough to swim.

White Rhino

Though endangered, the Southern White Rhino has proved to have rebounded in the last 100 years from roughly 100 left to now more than 20,4000. This little girl will have plenty of chances to run around with her own kind!


Another endangered creature, the Northern Spotted Owl fledgling was born in Canada and contributes to the less than 30 member population. While young, they're already up and flying around with ma and pa!


Two beautiful cheetah cubs have been born to their mother, Novi. Opuwo and Onysha have already been seen racing around with one another!

There's more cute and wonderful babies that have started to explore the world around them!

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