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13 "Healthy" Foods You Need To Cut Down On

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The struggle to eat healthy in order to improve your life in general is real. Every day it feels like there's a new "superfood" that the internet is freaking out over, and between this and fad diets showing up left, right and center, it can get pretty overwhelming.

Thankfully, this is why there are nutritionists out there, like Miami-based clinical nutritionist Dr. Michael Forman. Dr. Forman took the time to outline several foods that, while technically considered "healthy," can still be problematic in too big a dose.

1) Whole Wheat Bread

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"Whole wheat bread is one of the most potentially inflammatory foods in existence since the gluten used in today's wheat bread is virtually indigestible by most people," says Dr. Forman. "It's amazing how much better people feel when they just stop eating it."

2) Brown Sugar


"Brown sugar is just like the white stuff; it's a refined sugar that immediately hits your bloodstream and demands insulin as a response. This promotes inflammation by irritating insulin resistance, one of the factors in almost every health problem," explains Dr. Forman.

3) Agave Syrup

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Agave syrup, according to Dr. Forman, is very close to high fructose corn syrup (a sweetener used in things like soft drinks and is DEFINITELY not healthy). If you're trying to lose weight, it's best to stay away.

4) Non-Organic Chicken


"They are kept in small cages, shot up with antibiotics and growth hormones and fed unnatural foods for chickens," says Dr. Forman. You can usually avoid this problem by opting for local, farm-raised chicken.

5) Pasteurized Eggs


"They have been treated with antibiotics, pasteurization, and other processes that make them last," explains Dr. Forman. Again, much like the chicken, buying local is usually a much better solution.

6) Whole Wheat Pasta


Pasta of any kind is high in empty calories, and whole wheat pasta can even raise your bloody sugar levels just as high as the regular kind does, which means you'll retain fat much more easily. In short, keep your pasta intake in moderation.

The foods just get more surprising from here...

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