13 "Ugly" Animals That Prove Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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13 "Ugly" Animals That Prove Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Why do cute animals get all the attention?

We spend so much time looking at pictures of adorable puppies, or videos of cute kittens, but we barely know anything about the strange looking animals that fill our world.

Maybe some are a little scary, but mainly they're just odd. Plus, lots of these animals use their strange appearances to do some pretty cool stuff!

So take a look at these 13 ugly ducklings of the animal kingdom and remember: beauty is only skin deep!

1. Shoebill

Shoebills do everything bigger, from their giant beak to their height - which can reach almost five feet. Their super-sized beak lets them make special noises, and even "moo" like a cow.

2. Naked Mole Rats

Don't feel bad for these rodents, they're not really bald. Their "naked" bodies are covered in little whiskers that let them find their way underground.

3. Hairy Frogfish

Somebody needs a shave! Okay, so this fish looks a little woolly, but they can change their hair color on demand, so that will save it a trip to the salon.

4. Red-lipped Batfish

Everything about this fish is a little strange. For one thing, they don't really swim. Instead, they prefer to walk around on their fins. Male batfish also have colorful "lipstick" patterns to help attract mates.

5. Proboscis Monkey

Don't feel bad for this monkey, in his species the bigger the nose, the more popular you are with the ladies. Plus, they can probably smell way better.

6. Atlantic Wolffish

Sure, his smile needs some work, but at least this sharp-toothed sea predator is always happy to see you!

7. Chinese Hairless Dog

Miss Ellie, a famous dog from this breed, won two "World's Ugliest Dog" competitions in the same year. But they're less famous for how easy they are to care for, and how much they love their owners.

8. Star Nosed Mole

Don't focus on the weird, ultra-sensitive fingers at the ends of their noses (which they use to find their way in the dark). Just imagine he's waving hello at you with 22 little hands!

9. Hammerhead Bat

His big nose may be a little distracting, but this nocturnal creature can really belt out a tune. Their voices echo inside their big noses, so their performances are easier to hear.

10. Baird Tapir

Yes, it has a funny nose. Yes, it has big ears that stick out to the sides. But people love this animal, which is also called the Mountain Cow. It's the national animal of Belize, which is pretty impressive for an animal you'd probably never heard of.

11. Aye Aye

At night their big glowing eyes and long bony fingers look scary, but in the light of day you can see they're just a weird mix between a cat and a monkey.

12. Warthogs

It may look like these pigs have a bad case of acne, but the bumps on their faces actually help protect them from predators. They even like to roll around in the mud, so their skin is probably actually very healthy.

13. Blobfish

Sure, the blobfish is ugly. But it's the best at being ugly! It was voted the world's ugliest animal, and made the mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (their motto is "we can't all be pandas!")

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