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13 Weird And Amazing Things You Need In Your Life

How many products and foods can you think of that came into being by accident? Some, like pizza and penicillin, were weird at first but they became an important part of our culture. Others are just plain wrong and ridiculous.

You might never be the same after seeing these hilarious inventions people have come up with. Check it out and tell us what you think!

1. Selfie Shoes

The Awesome Daily

2. Defibrillator Toaster

Remove and Replace

3. Magical Salt & Pepper Shakers

The Awesome Daily

4. The Ab Hancer

5. "Handy" Backpack

The Awesome Daily

6. Banana Holder

The Awesome Daily

7. Emergency Moustaches

Remove and Replace

8. Nose Drip Soap Dispenser

Remove and Replace

9. Social Media Shower Curtain

Remove and Replace

10. Mobile Toilet Paper


11. Um...why?

The Awesome Daily

12. Foot-Powered Bike


13. Mop for Babies

Daily Mail

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