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15 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Great Inventors

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5. Marlon Brando

The actor had a passion for drumming.Rumba Instruments

The Godfather actor got really into drums after retiring from acting. By the time he died in 2004, Brando had a number of drum patents including a special tool to tighten the instruments.

6. Francis Ford Coppola

There must have been something in the water on the set of The Godfather, because the film's director had a patent of his own. Coppola invented a t-shirt with a grid on the back, so you could ask someone to scratch a very specific itch for you. Pretty handy!

A shirt similar to the one Coppola patented.Do We Really Need That

7. Jaime Lee Curtis

Curtis can do comedy, drama, and she's a great inventor. She patented a new kind of disposable diaper in 1987, with a built-in waterproof pocket full of baby wipes. The only reason she didn't license her invention is because no companies were making biodegradable diapers back in the late '80s, which she insisted on using.

8. Julie Newmar

Famous for playing Catwoman alongside Adam West's Batman, Newmar's form-fitting suit obviously gave her a few ideas. She invented what she calls "pantyhose with shaping band for cheeky derriere relief," which fit "between the wearer's buttocks to delineate the wearer's derriere in cheeky relief." Enough said!

9. Albert Einstein

You would expect a great physicist like Einstein to make some kind of high-tech invention, and while he did patent a number of things including a special refrigerator, he's most famous for his special blouse, which features "a central back panel extends from the yoke to the waistband."

Then again, Einstein was known for wearing the same thing everyday, so why should we trust his fashion sense?

10. Michael Jackson

The moonwalk was nothing but pure skill, but how did Jackson pull off his gravity-defying lean from the "Smooth Criminal" video? It turns out he used a special pair of floor-gripping boots he designed himself, which he later got a patent for.

11. Paula Abdul

This pint-sized pop star is only 4'9", so dragging around a mic stand taller than her body for a whole concert must have been exhausting. That's why she invented her own "dynamic" microphone, which sits on a concrete-filled base that wobbles but never falls over and slides easily.

Think that's impressive? A Hollywood actress invented Wi-Fi decades before the internet even existed.

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