15 Hilarious Onesies Every New Parent Should Own


15 Hilarious Onesies Every New Parent Should Own

Some people love to splurge and get their toddlers designer clothes, but that's such a waste. Every piece of clothing you put near your baby is guaranteed to be stinky and ruined, so you might as well have a little fun.

Parents used to deck their kids out in whatever hand-me-downs fit them, but now more and more parents want to express themselves using their baby's wardrobe.

If you want to make a strong statement, the 15 hilarious slogans on these onesies should do the trick. Plus, they work with any outfit.

1. Now this is just mean

2. Pretty clever

3. Ohhh, I get it

4. Yep, the math checks out on this one

5. For when your baby is riding with a dirty diaper

6. There's no shame in that

7. Ewwwwww

8. Simply adorable

9. *Harmonica solo*

10. It's funny because it's true

11. This one's cute and stylish

12. For movie lovers

13. I see what they did there

14. Apple's newest product has a few bugs

15. Gotta start early

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