15 Duggar Rules That Make You Wonder How None Of The Kids Have Rebelled Yet


15 Duggar Rules That Make You Wonder How None Of The Kids Have Rebelled Yet


I remember when I first watched the Duggars and it was a one-off special called "12 Kids and Counting." They were a (relatively) normal family who were showcasing their innate ability to grocery shop on a budget and not have any debt whatsoever. The overall Duggar rule is that if you cannot afford it, you don't buy it. Pretty legit.

These other rules, however, are a little more extreme. All the Duggar kids have to abide by these rules and frankly I'm shocked none of them have rebelled yet.

1. No Social Media Until Engagement

Only Duggar kids who have a spouse lined up are allowed to get social media. Even Jana Duggar, who's 27 years old, is restricted from having her own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The kids still appear on the family Facebook page, but nothing on their own.

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2. No Contact With Unwed Mothers

None of the Duggar children are allowed contact with unwed mothers. This seems not too extreme, until you realize that Anna Duggar, Josh's wife, has a sister who is an unwed mother. Jill Duggar, a midwife, wanted to help Anna's sister but her parents forbade her, not wanting her to be "exposed to an unwed mother in that condition."

Susanna Keller (Anna's sister) and her daughter.Hollywood Gossip

3. "Be Available"

This one is...shocking. Mom Michelle Duggar advises her daughters to have sex with their husbands whenever he wants, regardless of if THEY want to. The only time you're allowed to say no is on your period, and a slight break after childbirth.

"Be available," the Duggar matriarch tells Today. "Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls."

4. No Divorce

This is probably the most tame rule of them all, because lots of religions follow this belief. But when you remember that Anna Duggar, Josh's wife, wasn't allowed to file for divorce after finding out her husband cheated on her, molested his sisters, and is a sex addict, you start to realize how outrageous this rule is. When is there an exception?

5. Pennies For Your Chores

The Duggars are all required to help with chores, which is legitimate. But you can only earn 3 cents per chore and for completing school work. 3 CENTS. What does that buy you? Pocket lint? Michelle Duggar defends the payments, saying it can add up to $25 a month if you help out enough.

6. No Beach Days

Beaches are banned from Duggar family excursions. As for why, Michelle Duggar thinks it's pretty straightforward.

"It's just too hard for the guys to try and keep their eyes averted."

And if they do go to the beach, girls have to stay covered up. Showing your knees is considered inappropriate.

7. No Dancing

In order to avoid "sensual feelings" (seriously,) none of the Duggar kids are allowed to dance. It's just not something they are okay with.

8. No Pants For Girls

Jinger Duggar caused a huge uproar this year when she posted a picture of her and her husband on Instagram...and she was wearing PANTS. The family deems them not modest enough for girls, and it can cause those "Devil's Feelings" the boys are supposed to stay away from. But, because Jinger Duggar's husband Jeremy is okay with her wearing pants, she's allowed to do so.

9. No Hand-Holding

There is to be NO physical contact before a couple is married, and that includes hand holding. Sorry, Duggar kids!

10. No Co-Ed Hide and Seek

After it came out that Josh Duggar molested two of his sisters, Jim-Bob and Michelle added 'safeguards' to the family to prevent it from happening again. Co-ed hide and seek is NOT allowed, even if it's between siblings.

Jessa (left) and Jill (right) were two of the victims of Josh Duggar's molestation.Fox News

11. No Co-Ed Babysitting

This one falls under the same category as hide and seek, and is considered a 'safeguard.'

12. No TV

Odd, considering how television is what the Duggars make a living from. But there is not a single television set in the Duggar household. It's considered protection from 'worldly influences' that could violate the kids and their beliefs. What do they point all their furniture at, then?

13. Side Hugs Only

If you're courting a Duggar, be prepared to get acquainted with their hips. Unless you are married, the Duggars do not allow chest-to-chest hugs, at risk of stirring up those sensual feelings (sensing a theme?) again.

14. Group Chats Only

If you are courting a Duggar, or are even just friends with them, all contact with the opposite sex MUST involve mom and dad. Jim-Bob and Michelle are privy to all electronic communications the Duggar kids have with the opposite sex, and will even step in if they feel things are getting too inappropriate, like when Ben Seewald (Jessa's now husband) asked her to call him. That was a hard no from Mr. Duggar.

15. No Halloween

According to the Duggars, magic and witches are "part of a demonic realm God wants us to stay away from."

Which of these rules do you think is the most outrageous? Let us know in the comments!

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