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15 Secrets Your Flight Attendant Won't Tell You

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These days it can be more stressful than ever to fly the "friendly skies," but some insider knowledge from frequent-flying flight attendants will guarantee a great trip.

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1. Keep your food off your tray

Germaphobes beware! Almost nowhere is safe from bacteria on a plane, from the bathroom door to the seatbelt, everything in the cabin has other passengers' germs on it. But your tray table is actually the dirtiest place of all, so try not to let your food touch it.

2. A few other things to look out for...

Anything that's not bolted into the plane will be re-used from flight to flight. Unless you had the first flight of the day, someone else was reading your in-flight magazine, using your pillow and wearing your headphones (yes, those get repackaged and sold over and over).

3. Listen for secret codes

Along with flight crew jargon like "deadhead" (a crew member flying as a passenger) and "crew juice" (the mix that helps flight attendants get a good night's sleep on those long halls) there are other secret codes. Listen for 3 chimes over the PA system, that could be the pilot signaling turbulence ahead.

4. Turn off your cell phone (really)

One iPhone won't make the plane crash, but the signals from your electronics devices do interfere with the pilot's job. They can cut into his communication devices, making him miss important instructions.

Do you feel like taxiing for another hour just to make a text?

Learn the flight crew's secret hand gestures on the next page!

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