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15 Times Firefighters Proved They're Angels In Disguise

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For all of the incredible work they do, it's surprising that we don't take more time to recognize our brave firefighters. To celebrate all they do, we've collected 15 stories and photos that will remind you how much we owe to our firefighters.

1. Even when they don't make the news, a regular day on the job as a firefighter can be incredibly demanding

2. These firefighters pulled a woman and her daughter from a crashed car as it dangled off this bridge

You know, the kind of thing a superhero does.

3. This is the headfirst ladder slide:

Unbelievably, these firefighters are doing that on purpose. It's the quickest way to get out of a dangerous situation, and it takes a lot of skill as you can see in this training video. All in a day's work for these folks.

4. This firefighter from Korea missed his own wedding to save 5 people from a blaze

The hero and his bride said "I do" after he got some well-deserved bed rest.

5. When a barn in Siberia caught fire, firefighters pulled out 150 little porkers. Talk about saving their bacon!

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