19 Animal Rescues That Prove Firefighters Are True Heroes

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19 Animal Rescues That Prove Firefighters Are True Heroes

There's no doubt that firefighters have the toughest job on earth. They put their lives on the line every day, running into burning buildings to save innocent people.

As if that wasn't enough, they even save animals who are caught in fires and other dangerous situations. People like to joke about firefighters saving kittens from trees, but the truth is there's nothing sweeter than pictures of animals saved by these fearless heroes.

Let's hope if our pets are ever in danger, one of these firefighters will be there to save them. But if that does happen, hopefully they look more grateful than this:

1. A pregnant dog thanks the firefighter who saved her

2. This baby owl was orphaned, but at least his life was saved

3. They look tough, but these guys all have big hearts

4. Giving a rescued kitten oxygen

5. They'll even save pet frogs

6. And comfort pets after they survive something scary

7. Some pets are really grateful...

8. ...but others are hard to help

9. Even big animals get themselves into trouble

10. And sometimes there are armloads of critters to help

11. They don't just rescue the cute animals

12. Sometimes all these poor things need is a hug

13. And of course every owner appreciates their hard work

14. There are some weird cases too, like this deer caught in a drain pipe

15. Or this blind dog who fell in a lake

16. Or this DRAMATIC rescue of a whole duck family

17. They're just so caring, like this volunteer giving a koala a drink

18. At the end of the day, they do it all for faces like these

19. Big or small, these pets know who they can count on

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