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16 Accurate Definitions That Dictionaries Should Be Using

When you need a definition of something, you always check the dictionary, but are the definitions really accurate? That is up for debate. The Instagram account HipDict has finally given the world what it needed: An honest dictionary.

I don't need to know the Latin root, I need to know what something actually means for my general life. This has finally given us all what we needed. Check out the best 16 definitions to help you make it through life.

1. Tomorrow

2. Poor

3. Pets

4. Calories

5. Single

6. Clapping

7. Synonym

8. Immature

9. Latte

10. Cell Phone

11. Dentist

12. Best Friends

13. Bae

14. Family Vacation

15. Balanced Diet

16. Money can't buy happiness

If you want to see more go check out their Instagram.

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