16 Animals Who Are Shocked And Appalled By Your Actions

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16 Animals Who Are Shocked And Appalled By Your Actions

Everything about the animal kingdom is magical. Sure, every animal is special and unique but they all have something very much in common: They can express a great deal of shock over our actions.

These 16 animals have seen something truly horrific. Whether it was that time they knew you used the last of the toilet paper and didn't refill it or when you ate the last donut, these animals are having none of it.

1. They are not okay with you singing in the car.

2. They can't believe you would dare say they are getting fat.

3. They will not dignify that with a response.  

4. They can't believe you said that about their mom

5. They can't believe you ate the last cookie.

6. They don't understand why you are laughing at their hair

7. They can't believe you dared to bring home another pet, especially a dog.

8. They don't want to hear those spoilers, they aren't caught up yet!

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9. They are deeply offended that you are going on vacation without them

10. They are in complete shock by what you said that time, you know the one.

11. They don't understand how you could blame them for that, it was obviously the dog's fault!

12. They can't believe you would trust the cat over them, you know they are always lying!

13. They are offended that you would lock the garbage cans, don't you know that's where we get our dinner?

14. They are completely bewildered that they keep getting called Nemo when they aren't even the same color!

15. They can't even look at you they are so offended.

16. They have no words for what you just did.

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