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16 Hacks That Will Almost Make Your Cat Love You

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Having a cat is a lot of work.

They don't really care about anything but themselves? And they can also cost a lot of money with all the food, toys, and damaged furniture.

You can sleep a little easier tonight knowing there are ways to combat most of the problems that are associated with owning a cat. Except for their attitude. I can't change that for you.

1. Litterbox Hideout

If there's a cabinet you never use, make it the litterbox home! Take the panel out of the door and add some curtains. A little privacy for the cat, a little less stink for you!

2. All Cats Are Outdoor Cats

You can buy small patches of fake grass, or use the real stuff if you want to take care of it, so that your cat has a taste of the outdoors while still being inside!

3. Stairway To Heaven

Cats love looking out windows, and sometimes the best view is too high up. You can use small floating shelves to build a little staircase to the higher spots so your cat doesn't injure themselves trying to jump up.

4. Welcome to the jungle (gym!)

If you have an old bookshelf hanging around, cut holes in the shelves to make it like a little playground for your cat! Adding carpet to the levels makes it extra fun.

5. Relax, man!

Using fabric and velcro, make your cat a tiny hammock underneath a coffee table!

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