16 Kids Who Have Gotten Into The Most Ridiculous Situations

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16 Kids Who Have Gotten Into The Most Ridiculous Situations

It seems like no matter how good a parent is, a kid is still going to be a kid. They do weird things, put gross things in their mouths, and get stuck in the most bizarre situations.

It isn't just a simple head in the banister either, some of these kids have really raised the bar on what they can push their bodies into. Check out 16 hilarious pictures of kids getting stuck in the most ridiculous ways.


1. This is not how you use the bathroom.

2. You tried and that's what matters

3. How did you even get in there?!

4. This is one of those moments where you just know you should have made a different life choice

5. The terror that comes with not knowing how you are going to get out of something is always amplified when mom and dad pull out the camera.

6. Someone is maybe not old enough for the big kid toilet...

7. Is there a kid alive who hasn't thought about doing this? Just to see if you could...

8. How does this even happen?

9. Stay calm, it's going to be okay...

10. This is maybe not your brightest moment.

11. Where were you trying to go?

12. Well where else would they get such a hardcore helmet?

13. At least you know the fence is escape-proof

14. This probably does not smell good. No one wants to get stuck in the kiddie potty.

15. Big kids make mistakes too

16. Nothing like a relaxing day at the pool

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