16 Photos That Prove Dogs Can Sleep Literally Anywhere

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16 Photos That Prove Dogs Can Sleep Literally Anywhere

It's pretty exhausting being a dog. You have to bark at stuff, and sniff things, and woof when there is danger. Everyone always acts like it's all fun and games but its a tough job!

These 16 dogs know how to work hard, so they nap even harder. It isn't easy being this adorable you know... Sometimes you just need to rest and where ever you currently are will just have to do.


1. This tiny guy needed to invent a pup holder

2. This dog just needed a bit more space

3. It looked so comfy they all had to join in

4. With a head that size, you would obviously need to rest it sometimes.

5. Or rest it a lot of times, either or.

6. Does this count as cycling through osmosis?

7. Maybe you need a second couch...

8. The only way to travel

9. Very invested in this conversation, just need to rest my eyes...

10. You mostly fit... but not quite

11. Maybe they are just waiting for you to refill the dish.

12. Taking a bath there little one?

13. This is how I feel most Monday mornings

14. This does not look comfortable

15. "Sorry I was counting sheep and it was really effective..."

16. I suppose if you aren't allowed ON the couch what could we expect?

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