16 Undeniable Signs You're A Witch...According To History

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Listen, we've all been called a witch at one point or another. The accusation is generally an insult of your character, but in 1692 being called a witch was a serious offence.

Of course, there was no real proof anyone was a witch. But if you fell into any of these categories, you can bet your bottom dollar you'd be not only accused, but put on trial.

1. Are you a woman?

If yes, you better hope that's the only applicable criteria on this list. For thousands of years, being a woman was directly associated with witchcraft, as women were believed to be "more susceptible to sin."

2. Are you financially unstable?

People didn't trust beggars, which is why Sarah Good was hanged in 1692. People believed she was a witch because she begged for food door-to-door. Anyone who had to rely on the community for support was eligible for witchcraft accusations.

3. Are you financially stable?

Can't have it both ways, ladies! If you were a grown woman who was able to support herself without any help, it indicated you were a witch. The "alarming" fact that you didn't need a man set of many suspicions. Even if your money came from an inheritance after your brother or son died, that didn't matter. You had money and that was a thing only witches had, apparently.

4. Do you have friends that are female?

A group of women gathering without a male chaperone was considered "a coven meeting to worship the devil." Y'know, just a typical Tuesday night.

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