Jesus' Tomb Was Opened, What They Found Inside Was Stunning

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Jesus' Tomb Was Opened, What They Found Inside Was Stunning

Jesus Christ's tomb is considered one of them most beloved Christian landmarks in the world.

As we get closer to Easter, we reflect on Christ's sacrifice for our sins and his miraculous Resurrection. The Lord gave us a savior and we are so lucky to have him.

Christ's tomb was under renovation this past year, and when workers opened it up they were completely stunned as to what they found.

The Edicule, which was built in the 18th century to cover the stone where Jesus' body was laid, is believed to have been the only form of protection for the stone.

But as workers carefully deconstructed the tomb, workers discovered just how wrong they were.

People lining up at the Edicule of the Tomb Of Christ. Flickr

Workers found that for centuries, generations have been covering the stone where Jesus laid with slabs of marble to protect it. A slab of white rose marble was placed by the crusaders in the 14th century. Under that, a gray marble slab was found from the 4th century, placed during the reign of Constantine.

All this reveals that for centuries since Christ's death, people have been working to preserve the sacred spot.

The renovations are now complete, having removed any candle soot and reinforced the structural integrity of the Edicule. It required $1.4 million to complete the renovations, with both private and public donations as well as the King of Jordan and the President of Palestine.

You can see some of the renovation process in this video.

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