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16 Cats Who've Gotten Themselves Into A Sticky Situation That'll Have You Bursting Out In Laughter

Cats like to pretend they're independent. Unless of course you're talking about feeding themselves, or getting pet, or cleaning their litter box, or getting unstuck from something they never should have been near in the first place.

These cats are still independent, and they only want your help if YOU want to give it. If not, well...I'm sure they'll figure something out. But they certainly aren't going to ask.

1. This cat just wanted to look outside.

2. This cat had a lil' mess that needed cleaning.

3. This cat, who's giving "going postal" a whole new meaning.

4. This cat, who heard there were treats in here.

5. For Fun, It's A Wonderful Toy for Girls and Boys (And Cats)

6. This cat, who is mimicking a branch

7. "Hey, if you could just pull this off I'd appreciate it. But only if you want to."

8. "The box said fun for the whole family. I am family. I am not having fun."

9. They say hydration is important...

10. "You always say you want help in the garden..."


12. Worse than the cone of shame!

13. "This was less fun than I anticipated."

14. "So about that diet you were talking about..."

15. "What did you have for dinner? Can I have some?"


16. Some Assembly Required

Where is the craziest place your cat has ever gotten stuck?

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