16 Times That Street Art Was More Clever Than You Thought Possible

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16 Times That Street Art Was More Clever Than You Thought Possible

A lot of people tend to think of street art as graffiti or vandalism, but sometimes it's actually making something better and not just writing something offensive across a building.

These little pieces of street art are done in clever little ways that make everything just a little bit more fun. If you saw these while you were out and about it would definitely make you smile!

Check out the best 16 works of art that are too cool to be kept indoors!

1. Genius Marketing Tactics

Promo for the Ant Man movie really went above and beyond!

2. Who knew you could feel sad for a cinder block?

3. So simple and yet so wonderful.

4. This almost makes the snow enjoyable.

5. Maybe this was a bad witch... Looks like Dorothy already got those slippers.

6. Clever use of the environment!

7. He's just doing his job!

8. This is not someone you would want to mess with.

There's more where that came from! Check out the next page to see the rest!

9. Looks like this is a pipe to a video game world!

10. Make the best of a crocked pillar!

11. Here's Johnny!

12. This is a very important plant.

13. And you thought your apartment was tiny...

14. E.T. phone home!

15. What a good friend

16. Those magic erasers really work!

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