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19 People Who Thought Animals Would Make Their Portraits Better That'll Have You Laughing So Hard It Hurts

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They say pets and their owners start to look alike after a few years, but some of the animals in these photos might see that as an insult. The great thing about owning a cat or dog (or chicken, or iguana...) is that no matter how awkward they are they'll still love you - you can't say the same about kids! These pet owners put their animals love to the test with some seriously embarrassing photos that even the bravest families wouldn't include with their Christmas cards.

If you can dig up a photo of you and your childhood pet more embarrassing than these - hide it! Or else you could wind up all over the internet like these poor souls.

1. This is what happens when you plan a church recital on a budget

2. Hmm, these 5 kids look normal, but why won't the dog look at the camera?

3. I wonder how they fit that giant dog into the studio?

4. If you told me they ran a law firm together, I would believe you

5. Hardest part of owning a cat? Protecting them from lasers!

6. Outfits? Check. Shades? Check. Dog? Check. Ready for the perfect photo

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