19 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Are Absolutely Fed Up

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19 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Are Absolutely Fed Up

Our cats put up with a lot. They chase after red lights that disappear, they're not allowed to scratch up the sofa like they want to, and sometimes they even have to share a house with dogs!

All of this can really sour their mood. Cats aren't exactly big rays of sunshine most of the time, but when they've had a bad day they can be really grumpy.

The difference between humans and cats is that when cats are upset they always let you know. See if you recognize any of these angry stares from some cats that just aren't in the mood.

1. I don't think so

2. "You betrayed me!"

3. This is just mood lighting. The mood is "anger"

4. Looks like you forgot to get someone's hair cut

5. Why is this dryer lint mad at me?

6. Call the vet, the cat has a case of stinkeye

7. How can he be mad when there's food?!

8. Everyone's an art critic

9. What, you don't like the outfit?

10. He's planning something devious...

11. I wonder why he's upset?

12. I wouldn't want to run into this tough guy late at night

13. "Oh, were you using this? Because it's mine now."

14. I don't know what's scarier, those teeth or that look!

15. So small, but so angry...

16. I think he started the fire...

17. "Let. Me. In."

18. This bed is only big enough for one of us

19. And of course, the grumpiest cat of all

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