19 Pictures Of Dogs Who Are Definitely Not Guilty

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19 Pictures Of Dogs Who Are Definitely Not Guilty

There's a reason dogs have perfected the "puppy dog eyes," they have an amazing talent for getting into trouble.

From a young age, if you leave your dog unattended for too long you're just asking for them to wreck your furniture, or eat everything in the pantry, or whatever kind of destructive fun they decide to have that day.

Learn how to tell the difference between a very bad dog and a good boy who did nothing wrong by studying these 19 photos. Be careful, don't fall for their adorable faces!

1. How nice of him to redecorate the kitchen

2. "I guess he didn't like Cat Fancy. Maybe we should try another magazine?"

3. He managed to do all this in a cone? Impressive

4. "No the couch looks fine to me, why do you ask?"

5. Caught in the act

6. I'm disappointed...but he's just so cute...

7. Can you tell who did it?

8. This dog was so naughty his bad deed doesn't fit in just one picture

9. In his defense, he thought it was a jellyfish

10. One dog is clean, the other is a total mess

11. "Dirty? No, these are just my new socks."

12. Oh, those groceries weren't for him?

13. "See, it's much nicer now, let me show you..."

14. He seems proud of this accomplishment

15. If he doesn't look at it, he can't get in trouble for it

       16. Looks pretty guilty to me

17. He really did eat the homework

18. Don't try and distract me, I can see the mess you made

19. "Okay, I confess."

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