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20 Celebrities Whose Parents Are More Famous Than They Are

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Hollywood is a small place, but it can still be shocking to learn how many stars are related. Here are 20 of the most surprising cases:

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow needs no introduction - it seems like she can't go a week without making headlines. But you might just recognize her famous mom Blythe Danner. The actress is still working today, but she's best known as the mother from Meet the Parents.

2. Liza Minnelli

The talented singer had a pair of celebrity parents: her father was director Vincente Minnelli and her mother was singer and actress Judy Garland. The couple met when Minnelli directed Garland in the classic movie Meet Me in St. Louis.

3. Dakota Johnson

This actress lit up the screen in 50 Shades of Gray, so maybe she got some advice from her parents. Her dad is Miami Vice star Don Johnson, and her mother is actress Melanie Griffith. Talk about an '80s power couple!

4. Woody Harrelson

Harrelson's estranged father Charles is more infamous than famous, but he became famous in the 1970s for shooting a federal judge. Yes, Harrelson's dad was a mob hitman. He even claimed to be involved in the Kennedy assassination, a brag that he later blamed on his cocaine addiction.

Did you know Quincy Jones has a daughter who starred on a hit TV show?

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