20 People Who Took Pumpkin Carving To The Next Level

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I love Halloween. I loved it as a kid because I always came home with a pillowcase full of candy, and I love it now as an adult (and as a father) because I get to enjoy all the other aspects, like decorating my house in an attempt to scare all the kids in the neighborhood.

Jack o' Lanterns are fantastic. I wish I had the skills needed in order to create a Halloween masterpiece, but sadly, I can only manage the two eyes, crooked mouth, and slit nose version of this mainstay. It is a classic to be sure, but I wish I could create something similar to the creations you will see on this list.

Charles Francis

The Shining is terrifying enough on your television screen, but this jack o' lantern would have me running for the hills if I was a kid.


For the science-fiction fan. Throw a xenomorph pumpkin up on your porch and see how many people recognize it.

Wacky Owl

For all you Star Wars fans out there, why not carve up a Death Star. But remember to leave one obvious weakness to be exploited.

The scariest thing a villain can come across would be Chuck Norris. So if you want to protect your home, this jack o' lantern is the one for you.


A classic is a classic no matter the medium. You can't go wrong with a rendition of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns

Might as well show your patriotic side with this Statue of Liberty.


This is creepy on so many levels. If you have the time and the patience to be able to accomplish this, you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

eBaum's World

This one is definitely a kid favorite. Nothing like a little Pokemon on Halloween.


Jack Skelington is definitely a classic. You want to scare your kids into being on their best behavior leading up to Christmas? Have them watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween night.

This one is just spectacular. Whoever has the skill to do something like this must do so.

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